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A bit about Sam
You are about to read some things that even my wife doesn't know about me...

Once upon a time in a far away village in the English countryside, which looks a bit like the 'Heart of the Shire' from Lord of Rings, there was a short white fellow sitting in his bedroom. 16 years old, doing his religious studies homework, he was looking out over the majesty of the Cornish countryside. All of a sudden, his headphones called out sounds in a rythm which he had never heard or felt before.  He knew that it would change his life. 

The story is about me... I am the short white fellow... I am him... so I'll stop using the 3rd person now... 

I didn't grow up being very good at languages. In fact, I was so terrible at languages at school that my French teacher told my mum that it would be too embarrassing to let me take the French exam. I thought teachers were supposed to be encouraging! 

I knew that I was becoming a... 

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Perfect for anyone who wants to access the real deep gems of the Arabic language!

This is my flagship program and is proudly the primary resource for over 400 keen Arabic language students. This is a 60 steps course in applied Arabic grammar. It seamlessly guides students from building their first simple sentences up to being able to engage with some of the Arabic langauge's most beautiful works of literature from poetry, travel writings and historical manuscripts right up to the Qur'an it's self.
  • 75% of the vocabulary in the Qur'an.
  • All of the most used Arabic grammar.
  • ​Over 1,000 common Arabic words.
  • ​Cover 12 Cornerstone Arabic texts.
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