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A bit about Sam

Aka Sam of Somalia

You are about to read some things that even my wife doesn't know about me...

Once upon a time in a far away village in the English countryside, which looks a bit like the 'Heart of the Shire' from Lord of Rings, there was a short white fellow sitting in his bedroom. 16 years old, doing his religious studies homework, he was looking out over the majesty of the Cornish countryside. All of a sudden, his headphones called out sounds in a rythm which he had never heard or felt before.  He knew that it would change his life. 

The story is about me... I am the short white fellow... I am him... so I'll stop using the 3rd person now... 

I didn't grow up being very good at languages. In fact, I was so terrible at languages at school that my French teacher told my mum that it would be too embarrassing to let me take the French exam. I thought teachers were supposed to be encouraging! 

I knew that I was becoming a... 
" So, 'Sam of Somalia'... 
how does a Cornish white kid get a name like that?"
Good question... 

During my Arabic langauge degree, I realised that as I was studying, I was uncovering so many gems of the Arabic language. I was hearing fascinitaing little insights and knowledge bites from my lectures and in my readings and I thought: "Why don't I share this with people around the world on YouTube. Wy don't I cut out the dry, bumbling ramblings of elderly lecturers and just create a YouTueb channel where I can share the gems with the world!? 

Well, I went to one of those small, gossipy universities. So I couldn't be bothered with the whisperings of "omg, I can't believe Sam has started a YouTube channel"... Not because I care what those loosers think, but because I didn't want the distraction. 

However, when I graduated, I found myself married to a very Somali lady. A Somali speaking, Somali looking and Somali cooking lady. 

As I learn't her language and adapted to her culture at home I realised that I was now experiencing those language and culture gems which I had in my Arabic classes, but now I wasn't at a gossipy university. 

Why didn't I just make Arabic videos? Well, I wasn't living Arabic the way I was living Somali. The learning was fresh and real and that is why the content was such fire!

I went on to create hundreds of little Somali language bites, cultural and historical insight videos and was warmly welcomed to speak on some of the largest Somali outlets in the world... thus picking up the name from my audience: Sam of Somalia. 
My Somali Diary
Monday - Friday
My Somali Diary is my honest, embarrasing journey to learning Somali. I document my progress as I try to learn Somali all week and share beautiful language and culture bites along the way!
The Sam of Somalia Show
The Sam of Somalia Show is a weekly show which airs every Saturday! I proudly welcome incredibly inspiring guests every week to discuss issues surrounding the Muslim community and their amazing journeys.
Arabic with Sam
As an Arabic language graduate in a world where so many Muslims are so in need of the Arabic langauge, I couldn't let my degree go to waste. I desperately wanted to package up my knowledge and help. So here it is!
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